42 SLY2 – 42mm Hybrid Swiss with Double “Y” Axis


 Double “Y” Axis

 19 Tool Positions for Main Spindle

 14 Tool Positions for Sub Spindle

Removable Synchronous Rotary Guide-Bushing

 9 Live Tools Standard with Machine

 2 Long Static Tool Positions Standard

 Optional Bar Feeder and High Pressure Packages

 Powerful Mitsubishi M800 Series Control

 TF 48 Collet and Guide Bushing System

 NSK Double Nut Ballscrews

 Optional Angle Holders and Thread Whirling Units

Machine Specifications

42 SLY2
Spindle Bore Ø1.732” (Ø44mm)
Bar Capacity 42mm
Spindle HP 7.5 / 10 HP
Main Spindle RPM 6,000
Max Drilling Capacity 13mm Drilling
Max Tapping Capacity M10
Max Turning Length 12.20" (Rotary Bushing)
Max Turning Length 4.13" (Without Bushing)
Coolant Pump 2 HP (65 Gallons)


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