These 3 – 9 axis multi-axis CNC machines which combines CNC machines with Autoloaders, CNC swiss screw machines & Twin Spindle lathes. Ganesh Machinery provides a full line of CNC multi axis machine tools. Ganesh’s CNC lathes and turn-mill centers come with an assortment of shaping tools and spindles that enable operators to carry out a number of different procedures. For manufacturing these multi-tasking machines provide far greater flexibility than standard lathes and milling units.

Gang Tool and Autoloaders


6” with Auto Loader


6” with Auto Loader, “Y” Axis

GT-27 SL

Gang Tool Lathe

Cyclone-42 GTS

Twin Spindle Twin Gang

Swiss CNC Machines

Cyclone-32 NCY

32mm Single Spindle
with “C” & “Y” Axis

Cyclone-32 CS

32mm Twin Spindle
Non-Guide Bushing Swiss

SL-20 Y2

20mm Hybrid Swiss
with Double “Y” Axis

SL-42 Y2

42mm Hybrid Swiss
with Double “Y” Axis

Twin Spindle (2inch – 4inch) Bar Capacity

Cyclone-52 BY2

9 Axis with Double “Y” & “B” Axis
with 2″ Bar Capacity

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for Twin Spindle, Single turrets and Twin Turrets 2”-4” bar capacity machines website

for details please contact Ganesh @ 818-349-9166.